Affordable Asbestos Surveys in Lewisham, East London

Despite its natural origins, asbestos contains harmful particles that can cause serious conditions, such as mesothelioma. Used heavily in the construction industry throughout the twentieth century, it was banned in 1999.

Due to its popularity until that time, it is still found today in both domestic and commercial properties throughout the UK. Harmless when left untouched and out of the way, asbestos can be found in water tanks, chimney flues, cement, roofing tiles and other forms of sheeting and cladding.

Determined to ensure the safety of both home and business owners, Goodbye Asbestos was created over 20 years ago to ensure that all manner of asbestos management was affordable and efficient. Each of our reliable, trusted contractors work in strict compliance with the relevant HSE guidelines.

Ever since, we've worked across the entire area of London, bringing our asbestos services to Blackheath, and Deptford.

The asbestos services we provide include:

  • Asbestos garbage disposals
  • Asbestos surveys and testing
  • Asbestos sampling
  • Asbestos shed/garage roof replacement
  • Asbestos water tank removals

Asbestos collections near Blackheath

We are on hand to provide asbestos garbage collections in Blackheath. If you're worried about the cost and inconvenience of dealing with asbestos, it will reassure you to know that we offer an affordable service that can work with your budget.

For safe asbestos disposal at an approved waste facility, all hazardous materials should be wrapped up, bagged and taped to prevent the harmful particles becoming airborne. Whether you've wrapped the asbestos up yourself or would prefer us to do it as part of the collection, we can assist. Simply call us today to arrange your asbestos garbage collection.

Goodbye Asbestos only ever uses authorised waste facilities and provides all customers with a hazardous waste disposal consignment note as proof.

Asbestos garage dismantling and removal near Lewisham

Before the dangers were known, asbestos was commonly used in buildings for insulation, flooring, roofing, and sprayed directly onto ceilings and walls. This is why buildings constructed before the year 2000 may still have asbestos in them. Providing that the asbestos-containing materials inside these buildings remain intact, they pose little risk. It's only when these materials are damaged or disturbed that tiny asbestos fibres can be released into the air and inhaled into the lungs.

So, if you've found asbestos roofing on your garage or shed, you have several different options when it comes to managing them. If you'd like to see how we go about providing them, take a look at our case studies.

In a domestic building where suspected asbestos is present, we begin by testing the asbestos to determine how harmful it is, which will tell us whether the asbestos can be left as it is and simply monitored, or is in need of removal. At this point, we can arrange a straightforward removal to eliminate the hazard from your property.

We offer several different solutions for asbestos garages, sheds, and barns. These are:

  • Replacing the roof with GRP fibreglass roofing that comes with a 20-year warranty
  • An entire dismantling and removal of the shed/garage/building
  • Leaving the asbestos where it is with scheduled monitoring

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    We also provide local asbestos removal services in the following nearby locations

    Commercial asbestos management in SE3

    The government guidelines around commercial asbestos management stipulate that
    If you're the landlord, tenant or managing agent of a commercial property, you're responsible for managing asbestos, unless your contract or lease says otherwise.

    To manage the risk of asbestos effectively, you'll first need to have an asbestos survey carried out by an experienced professional. (If you're in the SE3 area, that's us!) This will determine whether there is any asbestos present, and therefore establish whether you have a duty or not. The requirement for this survey is detailed in The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

    There are different types of asbestos surveys available, depending on your exact position. To find out which one you need, we suggest taking a look at our commercial asbestos services.