Why did the client need our services?

Whether you are looking to replace an asbestos garage roof or considering the complete dismantling and removal of the garage, Goodbye Asbestos is here to assist you.

Our skilled team holds full licensing for the secure removal of asbestos from garages, handling projects of varying sizes, including domestic garages, barns, outbuildings, factories, warehouses, and industrial estates.

Our customer wanted us to remove their asbestos cement ‘Profile 3’ garage roof safely. Following the removal, the objective was to replace the roof with a like-for-like material. In this project, the customer’s main concern was not achieving an aesthetically pleasing replacement roof. They were most concerned about maintaining the shed’s watertight integrity to safeguard the tools stored there.

What work was carried out?

The asbestos roof removal process started by preparing the removal area with 1000-gauge polythene sheeting, ensuring cleanliness throughout the operation. To safeguard against inhaling asbestos fibres, our team equipped themselves with type 5/6 coveralls and P3 asbestos masks. The next step involved lightly wetting down the asbestos roofing to ensure it was suitably wet, effectively minimising the risk of dust disturbance during the removal.

With hand-held bolt cutters, bolts were cut without excessive force, preventing any damage to the asbestos sheeting. Careful attention was given to removing panels, ensuring they were taken down intact and slowly lowered to the floor. Following the removal, the panels were expertly wrapped in specialist polythene to prevent contamination of the access route while transporting the material to the roadside.

After the removal, specialist H-type asbestos hoovers were employed to pick up any visible debris. The removal area, access route, and roadside underwent meticulous checks for any remaining asbestos materials. Once satisfied with the cleanliness and safety of the area, paperwork was completed, confirming the successful completion of the removal operation.

The next steps involved cleaning and treating the wooden supports to enhance their longevity. Following this, the sheets were measured, cut to size, and carefully lifted into position, overlapping with one another for a secure fit.

To ensure stability and durability, the sheets were fixed to the timber supports underneath, and matching caps were installed to provide a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing finish. These measures were taken to improve the structural integrity of the installation and contribute to the overall longevity and visual appeal of the roofing system.

Were there any challenges?

There were a couple of main challenges which our team successfully overcame. The roof was significantly out of square, creating difficulties in aligning the roof panels seamlessly. Achieving a high-quality finish required an increased level of attention to detail and additional time, which was diligently invested to meet our standards of excellence.

Given that the garage roof was adjoining the side of the house, a crucial step was taken to enhance waterproofing along this channel. To address this, it was essential to install lead, ensuring effective protection against water infiltration and contributing to the overall durability and resilience of the roofing structure.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was very pleased with the results. They said:

I was overall very impressed with my experience. Quick lead time, two roofers attended on site to get the job, they were friendly and didn’t stop working. The finished product was smart. They did a great job, would recommend them to everyone.

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