Why did the client need our services?

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This task involved the safe decontamination of seven garages that had experienced asbestos breakages due to storm damage. The first step was safely removing the asbestos cement ‘Profile 6’ roof. This meticulous removal aimed to prevent any further asbestos-related issues and ensure the safety of the surrounding environment.

Following the removal of the asbestos roof, we then replaced it. The new roof was constructed using 30mm insulated box profile anthracite dark grey composite sheets. This garage roof replacement not only addressed the asbestos-related safety concerns but also improved the structural integrity and insulation of the garages, providing a durable and modern roofing solution.

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What work was carried out?

First, the roof of the garages was removed. Thick 1000-gauge polythene sheeting was laid on the floor to encase any potential minor debris that might be generated during removal. As part of the removal procedure, the asbestos cement was wet down using a handheld sprayer. To avoid damage to the asbestos panel, the roofing bolts were carefully cut from the timbers using handheld bolt cutters, with a deliberate effort to avoid excessive force.

The cement roof sheet was lifted to the floor without causing any damage to the panel. The panel was then wrapped in 1000-gauge polythene, employing a double-wrap method and securing it with duct tape for added protection. Any remaining debris was then cleared using H-type asbestos hoovers.

A visual inspection of the removal area confirmed the absence of any asbestos materials. The final step involved completing paperwork, confirming the cleanliness of the removal process and providing documentation to support the thoroughness of the operation.

The new roof was then fitted to the garages. The initial step involved visually assessing all timber supports for structural integrity. Any supports affected by woodworm or rot were removed and replaced to ensure the structure’s longevity.

Sheets were cut to the required size and carefully lifted into position. These were then fastened to one another, creating a secure and cohesive structure. The sheets were then fixed down to the timber supports underneath, ensuring stability and durability.

Trimming is an essential aspect of the installation process. Trims were cut and fitted around the perimeter, securely fixed into position. Similarly, ridge trims were cut and fitted, lifting into position to complete the roofing structure.

In addition, black UPVC guttering and downpipes were installed to facilitate proper drainage. We also fitted black UPVC fascias, completing the installation and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the structure.

Were there any challenges?

Due to weather implications, carrying out two garages at a time was necessary to ensure that some retained garage contents were not damaged by water ingress. This also meant controlling the asbestos risk exposure throughout the replacement.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customers were very happy and said:

Goodbye Asbestos had good communication throughout, they were punctual and true to their word on pricing. Steve and Oscar were friendly and got the job done in reasonable time.

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