Why did the client need our services?

Goodbye Asbestos provides secure and cost-effective asbestos removal services for garages, sheds, and outbuildings. Our team of asbestos contractors possesses full licensing and insurance coverage, enabling them to conduct a wide range of asbestos removal projects proficiently.

It is common for old garage roofs, especially those constructed before the 2000s, to contain asbestos.

Asbestos was a widely used building material due to its fire-resistant and durable properties. Many buildings, including garages, constructed during the mid-20th century may have utilised asbestos-containing materials, particularly in roofing materials like corrugated sheets or tiles.

Our customer wanted us to remove their asbestos garage roof and replace it with an alternative.

What work was carried out?

The team was equipped with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) to ensure that their clothing remained uncontaminated and health and safety protocols were diligently followed.

To minimise the risk of contamination, the designated area was prepared by covering it with 1000-gauge polythene sheeting. Damp rags were then utilised to wet down and fully saturate the asbestos cement, reducing the potential for dust disturbance.

Careful attention was given to the removal process, involving the meticulous cutting of bolts and fixings to avoid any contact with asbestos. The cement corrugated roof sheets were systematically removed in whole sheets, avoiding breakage during the extraction.

The sections were lowered to the floor, and the cement sheets were tightly double-wrapped in 1000-gauge polythene to prevent any potential contamination during transport or disposal.

A visual inspection of the local removal area was conducted to ensure the complete removal of all asbestos materials and equipment was thoroughly cleaned using damp rags. Following the successful removal, paperwork confirming the cleanliness of the work area was provided to the customer, concluding the asbestos removal process.

The structural integrity of the garage, including the timbers, underwent a thorough visual assessment to check for any indications of woodworm and rot. Replacements were made where necessary, including replacing the timber wall plate and joists, ensuring the overall stability and strength of the structure.

To facilitate the installation of the new garage roofing material, adhesive was applied along the joints, and sheets were accurately measured and cut. These strong sheets were then lifted into their designated positions with precision. Ensuring a secure and durable roofing system, the sheets were fixed firmly to the timbers, and the correct ratio of fittings was meticulously installed.

To guarantee the garage’s watertightness, 90-degree trims and abutments were cut and fitted around the perimeter, providing a seamless and effective seal. Internal areas were carefully assessed for any gaps, preventing potential entry points for pests and ensuring the overall integrity of the structure.

As a final touch, a new UPVC half-round black gutter and downpipe were installed, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of the garage’s drainage system.

Were there any challenges?

This was a simple roof replacement, and no issues were encountered.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was very happy. She said:

The team was lovely from start to finish. Very happy with the quickness and reliability. Steve and his assistant did an excellent job; it was exactly what I was looking for!

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