Why did the client need our services?

Goodbye Asbestos specialises in the safe and affordable removal of all asbestos. If you need the safe removal and replacement of an asbestos garage or shed roof, we are the asbestos company to call.

Our customer needed us to remove the asbestos from their garage while following HSE safety protocols. This involved careful and systematic procedures in line with safety guidelines to ensure the secure removal of asbestos materials.

Following the asbestos roof removal, the next task was to replace the roof with a more aesthetically pleasing alternative. This change was motivated by the customer’s desire to utilise the space as a home gym and wanted an aesthetically pleasing roof.

We discussed the options, and the customer chose an insulated steel roofing replacement. This decision was driven by their specific requirement to prevent condensation within the internal space of the garage-turned-home gym.

What work was carried out?

The roof removal process began by preparing the area meticulously, covering it with 1000-gauge polythene sheeting to ensure a clean and controlled environment. As a precautionary measure, asbestos PPE, including clothing and respiratory protective equipment (RPE), was worn to prevent contamination.

The asbestos cement sheets were wetted using water to enhance safety and minimise fibre release. Hand-held tools were then employed to remove the asbestos cement sheets in their entirety, focusing on handling all asbestos materials with utmost care.

Following the removal, the asbestos materials were wrapped to prevent any potential contamination. A thorough visual inspection of the premises was conducted, and any visible asbestos materials were meticulously removed using H-type vacuums.

A comprehensive inspection was carried out on the removal area, access route, and roadside to ensure the absence of any debris. The final step involved issuing paperwork to the customer and providing documentation to confirm the successful and clean completion of the asbestos removal process.

Our roofing experts then evaluated the existing metal supports to check their structural integrity, looking for signs of rust and damage. Once assessed, the next step involved measuring and cutting the sheets to the appropriate size, carefully lifting them into position and ensuring a seamless fit between each sheet.

To secure the sheets in place, they were fixed down to the metal supports, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. This process involved the use of an appropriate ratio of screws to guarantee effective and durable fastening, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of the roofing structure.

Were there any challenges?

There were some unexpected winds and rain during the course of the replacement. It was necessary to cover the internal contents with plastic to protect it from damage. However, the removal and installation of the roof went to plan without any issues.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was over the moon. She said:

I am delighted with the roof replacement in Juniper Green provided by Goodbye Asbestos. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to friends, family, or anyone in need of a reliable and professional asbestos removal solution. Thank you for making a challenging and potentially hazardous task a smooth and worry-free experience.

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