Asbestos Surveys in Vauxhall, London

If you own or maintain non-domestic premises built before the year 2000 (for example as a landlord or business owner), you have a legal requirement to manage any asbestos containing materials (ACMs) that might be present. This is usually done by commissioning an asbestos survey from a qualified surveyor, such as one of our expert contractors.

By carrying out a survey on your property, the contractor can establish whether or not there is any asbestos present, and if so, how you can go about managing it.

Goodbye Asbestos operates in Vauxhall and throughout London, providing expert asbestos management services in Charing Cross, Covent Garden, and Mayfair. With over 20 years' experience in the safe handling and disposal of asbestos, our reliable team knows and adheres to the best practices of asbestos management.

Each of our trusted experts are constantly commended on their unmatched ability to reassure customers, provide insightful advice and treat client property with the courtesy and respect it deserves.

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Asbestos collections in Charing Cross

Due to its extremely hazardous fibres, asbestos was banned for use as a building material in the UK in 1999. So, if you're carrying out home improvement work or have recently purchased a property that was constructed before 2000, there is a strong chance it could feature asbestos as part of its build.

If you do find asbestos, the ideal approach is to contact an experienced asbestos removal specialist, who will have the appropriate training and equipment to deal with the asbestos as efficiently and safely as possible.

When left undisturbed and not broken up, asbestos is relatively harmless, which means you could dispose of it safely yourself with some PPE and asbestos-grade plastic bags. There is a HSE asbestos essentials task sheet containing some great advice on how to do this. Essential steps you should always follow when tackling asbestos yourself are:

  • Wear goggles, gloves and a mask
  • Place the asbestos into plastic bags and tape them up to seal them
  • Avoid breaking the asbestos into smaller pieces
  • Thoroughly wet all pieces of asbestos to contain the hazardous dust

Note that if you rent rather than own your property, speak to your landlord first, as it is their responsibility to manage asbestos in the building – not yours.

It's imperative for you, your loved ones, and the environment that asbestos is disposed of using the correct, authorised channels. For complete peace of mind, if you're in the Charing Cross area we recommend that you get in touch with us on 0800 024 6203 or  07500 866733 for your asbestos garbage disposal needs.

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    Commercial asbestos management services in Vauxhall

    As expert asbestos consultants, Goodbye Asbestos offers all commercial clients in Vauxhall and throughout London fully compliant and professional asbestos surveys and testing across all property sectors, tailored to their specific needs.

    Working with businesses and individuals to solve asbestos related issues, our asbestos contractors help a variety of industries to ensure asbestos doesn't pose a risk to personnel.

    We've previously worked on a variety of commercial asbestos projects, including offices, building sites, warehouses, factories, farm buildings, schools, and hospitals.

    Find out more about our commercial asbestos services.

    Asbestos garage dismantling and removal near SW8

    Goodbye Asbestos has worked on plenty of asbestos garage, shed, and barn removal projects, which you can take a look at in our case studies section.

    The most common form of domestic asbestos is found in garage or shed roofs. Asbestos cement is the asbestos-containing material (ACM) that is used for roofing, consisting of around 85% cement and 15% asbestos. This usually doesn't pose much of a risk, providing that the roof itself is in good condition. If it is left to deteriorate and get damaged, it will begin releasing the dangerous and potentially deadly particles.

    To manage this risk, we provide a comprehensive asbestos roof replacement service, where we safely dismantle the roof, take away all hazardous ACMs and replace the garage or shed roof with durable GRP fibreglass roofing. This form of roofing comes with a 20-year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.

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