Asbestos disposal and management in Mayfair, London

With more than 20 years' experience of dealing with commercial, residential, and industrial asbestos management, Goodbye Asbestos is the premier choice for asbestos solutions in and around Mayfair, London. Providing asbestos surveys and testing in accordance with the current HSE guidelines, each of our asbestos experts is fully-qualified and trained to the highest standards, putting safety first at all times.

Asbestos was a hugely popular building material throughout the twentieth century, which is why it's very common to find it in things like roofing, cladding, and even in yourinsulation. If you happen to discover asbestos on your property, we can help you manage it in an affordable, efficient and safe way.

If it's in a good enough condition, asbestos can even be left in situ with minimal ongoing management to control the risk. Alternatively, you can work with us to determine an affordable and safe removal of all hazardous materials.

Goodbye Asbestos are proud to have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on TrustaTrader, giving you complete peace of mind that you're in capable hands.

We provide a complete, comprehensive range of asbestos services to the areas of Paddington, Shepherd's Bush, and Belgravia. Explore our asbestos services online, or call us now for a quote on 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733.

Removal of asbestos buildings in Paddington

Asbestos was the go-to building material pre-millenium, which is why it's not uncommon to find it in sheds and garages. If you've recently discovered that your garage roof, cladding or other component is made from asbestos, there are several options available to you.

Asbestos is mostly harmless when left untouched, but does release fine particles into the air when damaged or disturbed (for example, when it is snapped, sawn or broken up). These tiny particles can then be inhaled and cause health conditions such as mesothelioma and asbestosis.

Whether you need us to remove an asbestos shed, garage, or even an entire factory, we can help. We specialise in the following services:

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Commercial asbestos solutions in Mayfair

Do you have a legal duty to manage asbestos on your property? Well, if you:

  • Are an employer or business owner
  • Have 'control' over a property built before 2000

Then you'll be under a legal duty to manage any asbestos.

Goodbye Asbestos provides commercial asbestos services to businesses throughout Mayfair, previously working on a wide variety of commercial projects. As part of our commercial asbestos management, we can provide sampling/testing, surveys, removals and collection and disposal so that you can continue operating with minimal disruption.

By having an effective asbestos management plan in place. You'll avoid any unnecessary risk as well as the costs, delays, and fines that come with inaction.

We follow stringent guidelines and ensure that all work is undertaken in accordance with current UK Legislation, Asbestos Regulations and Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Codes of Practice. We adhere to all legislation and only work with expert contractors each trained to the highest standards.

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    Recent Garage Roof Replacement Projects

    Replacement asbestos roofs in Mayfair

    Composite coated steel panel sheeted roof with choice of colour

    Asbestos surveys & testing in Paddington

    Worried that you have asbestos in your property? We are licensed for the safe removal of Chrysotile & Amosite.

    Large scale asbestos removal W8

    Office roofs, council garages, warehouses etc

    Trustatrader reviews for our asbestos services in Mayfair

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    We also provide local asbestos removal services in the following nearby locations

    • Acton
    • Earls Court
    • Fulham
    • Shepherds Bush
    • West Brompton

    Asbestos removal in W8

    If you've discovered asbestos waste on your domestic property, you'll need a reliable and safe asbestos garbage collection service. Operating in a similar sense to kerbside collection, you can either bag the asbestos up prior to collection, or we bag it up ourselves upon arrival.

    Bagged up or not, we provide asbestos waste collection services throughout W8 and the surrounding areas, in order to keep you and your loved ones safe. After collection, we will dispose of all asbestos safely and in line with all of the relevant environmental standards.

    We only ever use authorised, approved waste sites and will provide you with a hazardous waste consignment note, mandated by The Environment Agency.

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