We provide fast asbestos removal and asbestos abatement services in Tolworth, Surrey

You can trust the team at Goodbye Asbestos to complete any asbestos removal, asbestos surveys, asbestos sampling and testing, and other asbestos services to the highest standards. Working throughout Tolworth, Long Ditton, or Old Malden, we have over two decades of experience in the industry, so whether you need to remove an asbestos garage or garage roof or you need an asbestos survey for large commercial premises, our team can help.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance, so it is essential that you consult an asbestos expert if you think that there may be asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) present on your property. We are UKATA-trained and fully qualified to handle all types of asbestos work. We have a proven track record and an excellent reputation throughout the local areas for offering exceptional asbestos work – see our Trustatrader reviews.

We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clients and have a vast depth of experience working with asbestos.

Our comprehensive range of asbestos services includes:

  • Asbestos garage and shed removals
  • Disposal of asbestos garages
  • Removal of asbestos garages
  • Non-licensed asbestos removal
  • Asbestos sampling and testing
  • Asbestos surveys
  • Asbestos collection
  • Asbestos ceiling removals
  • Asbestos water tank removals
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Soft strip demolition
  • Emergency asbestos services
  • Asbestos consultancy
  • Removal of non-hazardous waste
  • Commercial asbestos services
  • Licensed asbestos services, including removals

For a fast and free asbestos quote, call us now on 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733.

Asbestos surveys & testing in Tolworth

Asbestos removal near Tolworth

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We can remove your asbestos garage near Long Ditton

If you asbestos garage, asbestos shed, or asbestos garage roof near Long Ditton, Tolworth, or Hook contains asbestos, it is important to call in asbestos professionals. Never attempt to remove asbestos yourself.

Asbestos is a naturally-occurring fibrous mineral that used to be combined into cement or other materials (including roofing and floor panels). Although it was banned from use in the UK in 1999, it is still in countless garages, outbuildings, and other buildings built between the 1950s and 1980s.

Asbestos can become harmful when it is damaged disturbed and when fibres become airborne. Asbestos garages often contain chrysotile, otherwise known as white asbestos in both the roofing and cement. If fibres become free and are breathed in or ingested, they can get into the deepest part of the lungs and are known to cause serious diseases, including mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

We can conduct sampling and testing to confirm the presence of asbestos and then completely remove the structure or the roof only. If we remove your asbestos garage roof, we can re-roof it with GRP fibreglass or corrugated roofing.

KT6 asbestos testing and surveys

The team at Goodbye Asbestos can provide you with comprehensive asbestos sampling and testing and asbestos surveys in Tolworth. We provide UKAS-accredited asbestos sampling and testing, as well as Asbestos Management Surveys and Asbestos Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys.

Asbestos Management Surveys are the most common asbestos surveys and this is normally the first step towards safely managing asbestos on your property. To do this, you will need to identify the location, type, and extent of any ACMs and out surveys will do this. We can offer comprehensive help and advice about all aspects of asbestos management and compliance. Our comprehensive reports are clear and easy to understand. Every asbestos job we complete is done with the same level of detail.

    Replacement asbestos roofs in Tolworth

    Composite coated steel panel sheeted roof with choice of colour


    Asbestos surveys & testing in Long Ditton

    Worried that you have asbestos in your property? We are licensed for the safe removal of Chrysotile & Amosite.


    Large scale asbestos removal KT6

    Office roofs, council garages, warehouses etc


    Trustatrader reviews for our asbestos services in Tolworth

    Do you need an asbestos garage disposal in Tolworth? Our asbestos abatement specialists can help

    Please call us to find out more about our asbestos services in Tolworth on 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733. Alternatively, please drop us an email info@goodbyeasbestos.co.uk and we will get back to you.

    We also provide asbestos removal services for the following nearby locaions

    Asbestos collection in Tolworth

    Goodbye Asbestos offers an asbestos collection and asbestos sheet removal service throughout Tolworth. We can provide quick turnaround times and can collect asbestos from any residential, commercial, or industrial site. Whether it is some asbestos sheeting from an asbestos garage or large amounts of asbestos from a demolition site, our asbestos experts can ensure that it is dealt with properly.

    All asbestos is carefully wrapped and taken to special sites. After disposal, we will give you a hazardous waste consignment note, mandated by the Environment Agency, so you know it has been dealt with correctly.