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With almost 20 years' experience in the management and disposal of asbestos, Goodbye Asbestos is the premier choice for asbestos collection in Marlow and throughout Buckinghamshire. Working on a variety of projects both large and small, Goodbye Asbestos are on hand to offer comprehensive asbestos services including collection, disposal, surveys, testing, and sampling.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a mineral found in rock with desirable house-building qualities such as fire resistance, durability, and easy moulding. These qualities made it a popular choice of building material throughout the 1960s right through to the mid-90s, when it was discovered to be harmful to health. Asbestos is harmful when broken up or otherwise disturbed, as it releases fine particles that are inhaled into the lungs, where they can cause serious harm resulting in mesothelioma or asbestosis.

Whether you've discovered that you have asbestos roofing tiles, insulation, an asbestos water tank or an entire asbestos garage in your garden, we are on hand to help you mitigate the risk and manage the disposal.

We provide asbestos services throughout Buckinghamshire and beyond, covering the areas of Great Marlow, Hurley, Bourne End, Cookham, Loudwater, Hambleden, Wooburn, Sands, Chepping, and High Wycombe.

Asbestos surveys & testing in Marlow

Asbestos removal near Marlow

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Asbestos garage dismantling & removal near Bisham & Bovingdon Green

We've previously worked on a lot of asbestos shed and garage removal projects of varying sizes, so we're fully equipped to tackle any job. Due to the popularity of asbestos before the late 1990s, asbestos garages or sheds in homes older than 25 years are very common.

Whether it's just the roof or the entire garage, we can work with you to manage the risks and safely dispose of any potential hazards on your property. We can also replace asbestos roofs with a high-quality GRP fibreglass roofing material that comes with a 20-year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

For the dismantling and disposal of asbestos garages, as well as asbestos shed roof replacements in the Bisham and Bovingdon Green areas and beyond, get in touch with us on 0800 024 6203.

    Replacement asbestos roofs in Marlow

    Composite coated steel panel sheeted roof with choice of colour


    Asbestos surveys & testing in Bovingdon Green

    Worried that you have asbestos in your property? We are licensed for the safe removal of Chrysotile & Amosite.


    Large scale asbestos removal SL7

    Office roofs, council garages, warehouses etc


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    Don't expose yourself to any unnecessary risks when it comes to asbestos, trust the experts. Goodbye Asbestos are on hand throughout the Buckinghamshire area for all of your asbestos waste and management needs.

    To find out more about any of our services, call us on 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733. Alternatively, email and we'll get back to you quickly.

    We also provide asbestos removal services for the following nearby locaions

    • Bisham
    • Bourne End
    • Chepping
    • Cookham
    • Great Marlow
    • Hambleden
    • High Wycombe
    • Hurley
    • Loudwater
    • Sands
    • Wooburn

    Asbestos surveys in and around Marlow

    Whether you're an employer, business, or run a building site, you have a duty to deal with any asbestos you may find. Particularly where building sites are concerned, you'll often need to check and confirm that there is no asbestos present in order to commence work safely and on schedule. If you don't do so, it can result in expensive delays and a significant risk to personnel health. It could also result in a penalty or fine.

    Goodbye Asbestos offers a quick, effective, and affordable asbestos sampling and testing service in Marlow and throughout Buckinghamshire, using only UKAS-accredited laboratories and offering our own expert knowledge on the entire operation.

    By law, any non-domestic property should have an Asbestos Management Plan in place, and must adhere to the HSE guidelines set out by the Government. To have a chat with one of our friendly experts about which survey you require, or how to go about ensuring complete compliance, take a look at our asbestos survey page or get in touch.

    Asbestos collection in SL7

    In some cases, our clients and customers have already found and bagged up their asbestos, and simply need an authorised asbestos disposal company to collect it. Asbestos garbage collection is a service we are pleased to offer throughout SL7 and the surrounding areas, and we can also wrap the asbestos up on arrival if you need us to.

    Along with our hassle-free asbestos collection service, we can also take away any general rubbish, to save you trips to your local landfill or recycling centre.

    All aspects of our asbestos waste collection service in Buckinghamshire are done safely and securely by trained and experienced professionals. We only ever dispose of asbestos at authorised sites and we will give you a hazardous waste consignment note, mandated by The Environment Agency, for your complete peace of mind.