Local asbestos removal services in Haslemere, Surrey

Are you looking for reliable asbestos testing or a garage asbestos removal in Haslemere, Hindhead, Linchmere, Liphook or surrounding areas? As trusted asbestos removal experts, Goodbye Asbestos offers a range of services to cover your needs, whether they’re required for domestic, commercial or industrial sites.

All of our services and techniques are carried out by fully trained and qualified technicians who manage and complete each job as efficiently and safely as possible. Our affordable asbestos services are offered at fair, competitive prices for both small and large jobs. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service, whether it’s a soft strip out, an asbestos survey or removal of a shed roof.

Our full range of professional asbestos services include:

  • Asbestos garage roof removal
  • Asbestos shed removal
  • Replacement roofs
  • Commercial asbestos removal
  • Asbestos collection
  • Asbestos ceiling removal
  • Water tank removal
  • Asbestos tests and surveys
  • Asbestos sampling
  • Asbestos demolition surveys, demolitions and strip outs
  • Licensed asbestos services

If you require any advice or would like to book one of our services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our asbestos specialists. Contact us now to get started.

Asbestos surveys & testing in Haslemere

Asbestos removal near Haslemere

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Safe asbestos management near Hindhead

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Goodbye Asbestos provides an array of solutions to ensure your site and building work is as safe as possible. While our rates reflect value for money, we implement the highest safety and quality standards for every part of the process. As an independent company near Haslemere and Hindhead, we provide in-depth advice to all our customers.

While asbestos has been banned in the UK since 1999, before this time, it was used for a multitude of applications in buildings across the country. Once the health implications were fully understood, asbestos containing materials were no longer used. However, it’s still present in many properties built before this time, including garages and sheds, but poses no significant risk until it’s disturbed, causing the small asbestos fibres to be released.

Therefore, if you’d like any work completed which could damage asbestos containing materials, you’ll need a specialist to manage the process, from sampling and testing to its safe removal and disposal. If we remove an asbestos garage roof, we also offer to install a quality replacement, such as a GRP fibreglass roof.

    Replacement asbestos roofs in Haslemere

    Composite coated steel panel sheeted roof with choice of colour


    Asbestos surveys & testing in Hindhead

    Worried that you have asbestos in your property? We are licensed for the safe removal of Chrysotile & Amosite.


    Large scale asbestos removal GU27

    Office roofs, council garages, warehouses etc


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    Get a professional asbestos survey & testing

    When we organise asbestos testing for you, we take small samples from the materials for assessment. These samples are analysed in a laboratory under strict conditions. We can complete this service for you whether you’re undertaking a simple DIY job or the work forms part of a large-scale building project.

    Our solutions are efficient and affordable with fast results. Once we ascertain if asbestos is present, we’ll advise you about the next steps. Our asbestos surveys cover anything from refurbishment and demolition surveys to asbestos management and asbestos re-inspection surveys.

    Contact us now for Haslemere asbestos sampling and removal services

    For asbestos removal, collection and sampling in Haslemere, get in touch with our team. For fast and effective services, call now on 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733. Alternatively, send a message to info@goodbyeasbestos.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you shortly.

    We also provide asbestos removal services for the following nearby locaions

    • Chiddingfold
    • Hindhead
    • Linchmere
    • Liphook
    • Shottermill
    • Thursley

    Need licensed asbestos removal services in GU27?

    While many asbestos removal are simple to manage, some forms of asbestos pose a higher risk. These will need to be dealt with by a licensed asbestos contractor. This covers three types of asbestos; Crocidolite (blue), Amosite (brown) and Chrysotile (white). Surveys and tests are essential for work such as soft strips outs and demolitions to ensure workers and other occupants in the building aren’t put in harm’s way.

    We will confirm the type and condition of the asbestos present so that it can be managed correctly. We work with a partner for any licensed asbestos work.