Asbestos collection services in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Offering comprehensive support and compliance, Goodbye Asbestos has over 20 years' experience in the safe testing, management, and removal of asbestos. Operating throughout Eastbourne and surrounds, we take great pride in our Trustatrader rating of 4.99 out of 5, putting customer service at the heart of everything that we do.

If you've found asbestos on your property or have bagged asbestos up yourself and need it to be disposed of appropriately, we are on hand to help. If you own a property that is more than 20 years old, it is likely to contain asbestos, since it was a popular choice of building material throughout the 70s and 80s, before it was found to be detrimental to health and banne d in the late 90s.

Operating across East Sussex and beyond, Goodbye Asbestos is proud to offer our asbestos collection services in the areas of Polegate, Jevington, Eastdean, and Wilmington.

To enquire about our asbestos waste collection or another asbestos service, please call us now on 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733.

Asbestos surveys & testing in Eastbourne

Asbestos removal near Eastbourne

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Asbestos garage dismantling & removal near Pevensey

We provide property owners in and around the Pevensey area with complete, comprehensive asbestos services, one of the most common of which is asbestos garage roof removal and dismantling. Many homeowners, of older homes in particular, often find that the garage on their property has been made using asbestos sheeting.

While asbestos is relatively harmless when it is left undisturbed, as soon as it is broken up or damaged it poses a serious health risk to you, your family, and any pets. This is why it is always best to let expert professionals handle asbestos in the correct way.

Our expert asbestos handlers are available throughout the Pevensey area for the removal of asbestos garbage and garages, asbestos abatement and a range of other asbestos-related services. We've worked on everything from sheds and barns to chimneys and warehouses, with an expert team that is fully up to speed with the latest government guidelines and health & safety practices.

Goodbye Asbestos are fully insured and trained to safely remove asbestos from your garage roof. If you would like us to, we can replace the roof with GRP fibreglass roofing that offers a 20-year guarantee. Alternatively, if you'd just like the entire garage gone, we can dismantle the whole thing for you.

    Replacement asbestos roofs in Eastbourne

    Composite coated steel panel sheeted roof with choice of colour


    Asbestos surveys & testing in Pevensey

    Worried that you have asbestos in your property? We are licensed for the safe removal of Chrysotile & Amosite.


    Large scale asbestos removal BN20

    Office roofs, council garages, warehouses etc


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    To minimise the risk of dealing with asbestos for both yourself and others, call 0800 024 6203 or 07500 866 733. Alternatively, email and we'll be in touch. If you'd like to get an idea of our expertise before getting in touch, feel free to browse the case studies section of our website.

    We also provide asbestos removal services for the following nearby locaions

    • Eastdean
    • Jevington
    • Polegate
    • Wilmington

    Asbestos surveys in the Eastbourne area

    If you're an employer or a business operating in Eastbourne or elsewhere, you're under a legal obligation to manage asbestos risk on your premises.

    Set out by The Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, you'll need to hire an asbestos surveyor to complete an Asbestos Management Survey. There are three different types of survey, and you should choose the one most relevant to you. If any asbestos is found during the survey, the surveyor will work with you to establish the next necessary steps.

    Particularly where site work is required, without any evidence to prove otherwise, it is usually presumed that asbestos is present, which can lead to expensive delays and inefficient working methods. This makes carrying out an asbestos survey an absolute must for those who want work to get underway.

    When you select Goodbye Asbestos as your trusted asbestos surveyor, you'll enjoy the many benefits that come with our rigorous training, years of experience, and usage of official, approved waste transfer sites. To enquire about an Asbestos Management Survey, get in touch today.

    Asbestos collection in BN20

    Rather than take on any risks of exposure to asbestos for yourself and loved ones, you should always contact a professional when it comes to disposing of asbestos waste. When asbestos is broken up or damaged, it releases fine particles into the air which are inhaled into the human body, where they don't break down and act as barbs on the lining of the lungs. Your local asbestos experts, we can provide asbestos collection throughout the BN20 area.