Why did the client need our services?

Our customer contacted us because they needed the help of a reputable asbestos removal company. They wanted to clear their site in Reading of illegally fly-tipped asbestos waste.

Here at Goodbye Asbestos, we have been providing first-class, affordable asbestos services for domestic and commercial clients, since 1998. Our team of skilled and qualified asbestos contractors have extensive experience in handling asbestos waste, ensuring careful and thorough removals. All our work adheres to rigorous health and safety guidelines.

Our team show excellent attention to detail and high levels of professionalism. We are Environment Agency-licensed asbestos waste carriers and all waste will be disposed of in government-approved facilities.

For this project, the waste was asbestos cement panels. These were once popular in construction for many reasons. Asbestos is robust and has fire-resistant properties, making them resistant to corrosion and rot. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) were often mixed with cement and used in applications such as cladding, roofing, and fencing. Cement panels also offered sound insulation.

Asbestos was finally banned from use in 1999 when the implications to health were fully understood. Inhalation of tiny asbestos fibres can lead to illnesses such as asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. However, asbestos can still be found in countless locations across all types of properties.

What work was carried out?

We can remove asbestos from all residential, commercial, and industrial sites. This project was carefully planned by our team of licensed and trained professionals.

Our team needed to remove and dispose of the corrugated cement panels on the floor area. First, they needed to prepare the transport to protect the van from contamination. They were PPE and respiratory equipment to ensure we are safe throughout any removal. We also have Public Liability Insurance to the value of £1million.

Then, they carefully lifted the asbestos materials and wrapped them in 1000-gauge polythene and duct tape. We then took them away to be disposed of at a licensed waste site.

We provide our clients with all the necessary paperwork to confirm the cleanliness of the area after the removal has been carried out.

Were there any challenges?

It was a challenge to check that all asbestos waste had been removed because asbestos waste was mixed with non-asbestos waste. It was necessary to carry out a throughout the inspection to ensure all hazardous materials have been removed.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was very happy with our work. They said: “We enquired with three different asbestos companies in order to obtain the most competitive quotation. Goodbye Asbestos was very reasonable and punctual. Thank you to Steve and Oscar, who did an amazing job clearing the site.

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