Why did the client need our services?

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Our customer needed to identify if the Artex ceilings contained asbestos before purchasing the property. This ensured they could negotiate any price difference and were fully aware of the risks of AGMs on the property before moving in.

Subsequently, the task involved removing and disposing of the chrysotile asbestos Artex ceilings, which were situated on plasterboard, following the property acquisition. To ensure the safety and quality of the air post-removal, our customer arranged for an independent UKAS-accredited asbestos analyst to conduct a reassurance air test. This step was crucial in confirming that the air quality met the required standards after the asbestos removal process.

What work was carried out?

To ensure the protection of surfaces from contamination, the floor area was covered with 1000-gauge plastic. Our professional team wore PPE and P3 masks for health and safety purposes. Damp rags were utilised to wet down the ceiling, minimizing dust disturbance during the process. Ceilings were then cut down into sections to reduce the quantity of fibre release.

Following the sectioning, the removed plasterboard sections were carefully lowered and placed in bags and each one was double-bagged with 1000-gauge polythene and securely fastened with a cloth tape. The removal process also included the extraction and disposal of nails left behind, as well as the removal of any contaminated rockwool insulation that had fallen.

Minor debris was cleared using an H-type hoover and Tac rags. After the removal was completed, paperwork was provided to confirm the cleanliness of the work area. The asbestos materials were then appropriately disposed of at a licensed waste site.

To ensure the safety of the environment, an independent UKAS-accredited analyst carried out a reassurance air test, confirming the air quality and allowing for the site to be reoccupied without the need for masks.

Were there any challenges?

The kitchen cabinets were installed close to the ceiling, making it difficult to obtain access. With perseverance and patience, we were able to remove them safely.

What did the clients think of the results?

They said:

Goodbye Asbestos came out to initially test sample the material, and they organised directly with the estate agent for me. Once I completed on the purchase, they were the first contractor in the house, removing the asbestos over two days. They left the property clean, and I was overall impressed with the service.

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