Asbestos is extremely dangerous to health when disturbed, so it’s vital to ask a professional company to remove any structures where it’s present. This includes if you’re looking to replace your roof or have the whole garage dismantled and removed from your property. This Surrey resident wanted to clear an area at the site of their old garage to make way for further home improvements, but due to the presence of asbestos, required professional assistance for the removal.

The Project: Whole Garage Site Clearance

Our customer was planning for an extension which would be separate from the main home – something many people do when creating more living or work space on their land. Unfortunately, the ideal site was occupied by an old asbestos garage (6m x 2.5m area).

As well as providing a quote, we undertook a full audit and risk assessment to establish the location and type of asbestos, advising the homeowners on the best course of action. After finalising the customer’s needs, we organised a date for the demolition.

The Results: Safe Site for a New Build

As you can see from the project images, we started early in the morning to ensure the work would be completed that day. While working as efficiently as possible, our workmen applied a methodical approach. Ensuring safety when removing the asbestos included watering down the garage to reduce the risk of the fibres getting into the air.

Our fully trained team dismantled the entire structure, carefully removing rubble and asbestos waste. We cleared all the debris and old garage away from the site, filling two trucks. Our professional team ensured they tidied up afterwards, leaving the area clear so that it was ready for the homeowners to move onto their next home improvement project.

The asbestos waste was then disposed of at an approved waste transfer facility.

Need Help? Asbestos Removal for Domestic & Commercial Projects

Here at Goodbye Asbestos, we have an experienced, fully licensed team to remove asbestos from a property. We are equipped to tackle projects of any size, including garages, barns, outbuilding, factories and warehouses. We always work with the right safety equipment and protective clothing, ensuring asbestos is removed from your property effectively and safely.

Want to know more about our asbestos removal services? If you have any questions or a project you’d like us to look at, get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote now.

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