Why did the client need our services?

The client contacted Goodbye Asbestos to complete a survey on the property they were planning to buy. They were concerned that the three-bedroom bungalow in Crawley may contain asbestos.

We recommended a Pre-Purchase Asbestos Survey. This type of asbestos survey is designed to give customers peace of mind that there is no asbestos present in their new home. If there are asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) present, we can recommend the best course of action, and customers can use our report to negotiate costs with their sellers.

Goodbye Asbestos provided surveying and testing and identified Chrysotile in the Artex ceiling tiles.

Otherwise known as white asbestos, Chrysotile was the most commonly used type of asbestos. Many homes built between the 1970s and 1990s feature decorative and textured Artex tiles that contain asbestos. Our expert team can remove all asbestos safely, efficiently, and affordably. We complete asbestos ceiling removals with as little disruption to your property as possible.

Once we identified asbestos on the property, we quoted to remove and dispose of the asbestos Artex ceiling under controlled conditions. We also quoted to replace the ceilings with plasterboard and skim with plaster and to install electric downlights throughout the property. The client was happy with our competitive quote, and we agreed on a convenient time to complete the work.

What work was carried out?

Our asbestos specialists started the project with a comprehensive Pre-Purchase Management Survey to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within the bungalow. Our skilled operatives prepared and protected the area from contamination and carefully removed the asbestos ceilings. They took down the ceilings in large sections to reduce fibre release. We always adhere to strict health and safety guidelines.

Once the asbestos was down, all ACMs were wrapped accordingly for safe transportation and disposal via the correct methods. Our team then completed an air test after the removal, confirming the safe air quality.

All paperwork was provided confirming the cleanliness of the work area after the asbestos removal.

Our in-house electrician carried out the first fix of wiring to support new light fixtures, and then a plasterer attended to board and skim all ceilings. Finally, new downlights were fitted to finish the job so the customer could move into their new home.

Were there any challenges?

The customer had a tight schedule to adhere to because they wanted to move in quickly. We were able to commit to the agreed schedule of work.

What did the clients think of the results?

The customer was delighted with the work completed. They commented:

Goodbye Asbestos were very professional and had great communication throughout. They kept to the schedule of works they initially proposed, and the costs were kept the same from the outset.

Do you need asbestos surveying or removals?

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We also complete Asbestos Management Surveys in Crawley.

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