Sometimes, an entire demolition or strip out is required for a project, like removing an asbestos garage or planning a renovation. In these cases, you’ll need to hire an asbestos contractor to assess the site and advise on the best strategy to keep everyone safe.

Here are our tips for planning a safe asbestos demolition.

Plan a safe demolition or soft strip out

If you need entire structures like sheds, garages or outbuildings removed, carefully planning the work will protect those on site and ensure a successful project. This also goes for any soft strip outs required, usually conducted before a demolition, renovation or remodelling takes place, leaving the shell of the building for the next stage of the work.

This type of project will require lots of invasive tasks to be completed, including the isolation or removal of power supplies, lighting, boilers, plumbing, ceilings, floors, doors, partition walls, stairs, rubble, concrete bases, brickwork and more. Therefore, it’s highly likely that any asbestos will be disturbed without robust planning and management.

Book an asbestos demolition survey

One of the most critical steps in any demolition is a safe asbestos survey. The aim of this assessment is to ensure nobody is harmed by the planned work and that the right contractors are involved.

An asbestos surveyor will locate and identify all ACMs (asbestos-containing materials) before structural tasks commence. Observing the condition of the asbestos isn’t as important as with general asbestos surveys, where ACMs may stay in situ and continue to be managed. However, the report will confirm the presence, placement and extent of the asbestos, and the surveyor will highlight if any ACMs are in a dangerous state.

Demolition surveys may even involve destruction inspections and asbestos disturbance, emphasising the importance of using a qualified contractor. The area for assessment must also be vacated and certified as fit for reoccupation.

Work with an asbestos expert

Working with an asbestos expert ensures your demolition is safe and helps you plan the project timescales correctly. By hiring an asbestos contractor as early as possible, you can get to grips with all the necessary tasks required, including finding out the location of ACMs.

Even better, if you find a specialist who can perform all the necessary work, including asbestos surveys, strip outs and demolitions, you can reduce time liaising between contractors. This will also help to lower any risks, choosing a team who are up to date with the latest safety standards when it comes to safe asbestos refurbishments.

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