In older properties, asbestos was regularly used in garage and barn roofs for its natural fire-retardant and insulating properties while providing strength and durability. If you think it may be present in your roof, it’s important to have it tested and consider replacement roofing if needed. That’s exactly what this Surrey resident did in a barn on their farm in Dorking.

The Project: Chrysotile Asbestos in Barn Roof

The first step in any project like this is to undergo professional asbestos testing. In this case, the type of asbestos was confirmed as Chrysotile, present in 6″ x 1m sheets. Chrysotile (otherwise known as white asbestos) is one of the most common forms of asbestos found in properties. The project was to fully remove the asbestos roof so that the barn could be safely used as living space.

The Results: A Full, Safe Roof Removal

It was essential that our highly experienced team took a careful, methodical approach because this was a roof-only removal rather than a full site clearance, so they needed to ensure no asbestos was left in the remaining barn building. As you can see from the project images, scaffolding was erected to provide a safe environment for our workmen to remove the asbestos sheeting from the roof. The project took three days to ensure that every inch of the substance was taken away by our teams. Our thorough asbestos surveys confirmed that new, replacement roofing could be safely installed without the risk of any asbestos still being present. Once the asbestos was safely disposed of at an approved waste transfer facility and the site confirmed as asbestos-free, the barn was ready to be re-roofed so that our customer’s home improvement project could begin.

Think You Have Asbestos in Your Roof? Get It Tested Now

Before you consider replacing your barn or garage roof, get in touch with Goodbye Asbestos.

We conduct in-depth sampling, testing, surveys and risk assessments in accordance with HSE guidelines in residential and commercial properties across Surrey and London. Once testing is complete, we can recommend the correct course of action which could be remedial solutions or monitoring the issue to reduce the risks.

If your roof needs removing, our fully trained team are here to make the process straightforward from start to finish.

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