Asbestos Removal in Ceilings

Found asbestos in your ceiling or floor tiling? Let Goodbye Asbestos remove it safely, efficiently and affordably.

Garage asbestos removal Surrey

Finding asbestos in your home or commercial property is not ideal, but with Goodbye Asbestos it’s nothing to worry about. Our expert team removes asbestos safely, efficiently and affordably from a wide range of locations – including Artex ceilings, floor tiling and garage roofs – with as little disruption as possible to the building and your day-to-day life.

Artex ceilings

A lot of properties built in the 70s, 80s and 90s feature Artex ceilings (a textured finish with swirled or stippled patterns). Up until the mid-80s, Artex used asbestos as a strengthening ingredient. This does not necessarily mean that your Artex ceiling will contain asbestos, but it is important to get an expert to conduct asbestos surveys if you are not sure. If your Artex ceiling was built before the 90s, then there is a higher chance that it contains asbestos, and we’d strongly recommend that you get professional asbestos testing to be on the safe side.

Floor tiling

Many of us may not think of floor tiles when considering asbestos in our properties but a lot of old flooring was made using asbestos floor tiles. These usually formed an underlayer for carpets, but you can also find exposed asbestos vinyl sheet floor tiles in some old properties. These can be difficult to distinguish from modern alternatives, which is why it is important to get an asbestos expert in if you are not sure what material the floor tiles are made from.

Garage ceilings

Asbestos used to be used in garage roofs as it is a natural fire-retardant and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It was also used in corrugated roofing for garages, due to its strength and durability. Asbestos surveys show whether the material is present in garage roofs. If so, the corrugated roofing may require asbestos disposal – or, in cases where the asbestos is too widespread, you may need to invest in a replacement roof for your garage.

Remember: asbestos is only dangerous in powder, dust or fibre form that you breathe in when the material is disturbed. So if you want to find out whether there is asbestos in your ceiling or floor tiling, it is essential to get professional asbestos testing rather than taking a DIY approach and poking around, as you could end up doing more harm than good. Here at Goodbye Asbestos, we’ll provide you with hassle-free advice for asbestos removal in your home or commercial space, putting your mind at ease that your property is completely safe.

If you need expert help with asbestos removal for your ceiling or floor tiling at your property in London, Surrey or the surrounding areas, contact us at Goodbye Asbestos today. We’re happy to visit your property and give you a free, no-obligation quotation for everything from thorough asbestos testing and removal to safe, efficient and compliant asbestos disposal.

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